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Window Services


Window Cleaning



Window cleaning, our main service, is very important for not only keeping a clear view but also extending the lifetime of your windows.

We strive for top quality cleaning with no blemishes or streaks. We clean inside, outside, tracks, frames and screens.

We do our best to keep a low price at only  $3 a pane, no matter what size.

Window Tinting

Whether your screens are old, sun-damaged, loosened, or ripped. We can replace or upgrade your screen mesh material.

We offer these materials:

Fiberglass: $4 Sq Ft

Polyester (Pet): $6 Sq Ft

Window tinting can be extremely useful for window insulation, privacy, and keeping outside light down.

We offer many different levels of brightness as well as colored and one way privacy tint.

Doing our best to provide top notch tint material and low prices we charge $8 Sq Ft for window tinting.

Additional Services

Metal Rain Gutter
Solar Panels on Roof

Gutter Cleaning


Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping potential clogs out your gutters is a very important part of home maintenance. flooded gutters can cause a lot of problems and we're here to prevent those problems.


Starting at $125 there's not a better gutter cleaning deal around!

Pressure Washing

Solar panel cleaning is purely optional but can increase the performance of your solar panels by roughly 5% in most cases and up to 21% in some cases. Regular cleaning is not recommended but annual or biennial cleaning can make a large impact on the production of your solar panels.

When it comes to solar cleaning, we strive to get a true and perfect clean at a price of $175.

Pressure washing is a common way to clean many surfaces and get rid of impossible to get out stains. Driveways, walkways, pavers, and even homes can use a good pressure wash from time to time. Pressure washing is a very satisfying type of cleaning to see as you can watch stains you didn't even know where there begin disappearing as the true colors of the surface come back.

At $0.35 Sq Ft our pressure washing is sure to knock your socks off without burning a hole in your wallet.

*Minimum Service Charge of $75*

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